“Health and Happiness for All” is a registered community based voluntary organisation which is being run by a professional team of doctors and CBT therapist. The main objective of the organisation is to promote health and well beings among diverse communities of London Borough of Ealing and Waltham Forest with innovative CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) based positive, pragmatic and well structured tools and techniques. The focus of this strategy is the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of mental health and wellbeing. It is preventing strategy and does not include treatment services except these relate to prevention of mental illness. It focuses on tackling the causes of poor mental health and wellbeing, mental illness and related health inequalities and looks to set out an overarching and effective framework to address these.

The purpose of this strategy is therefore to;

• Set out a shared context and vision for mental health and wellbeing across the London Borough of Ealing.
• Identify shared priorities and action for improving mental health and wellbeing, preventing of mental illness and reducing related inequalities.
• Provide a joint action plan for delivering public mental health strategy in partnership.
The strategy is about helping people reach towards their aspiration and about participating fully in society and economy. Our expectation is to improve mental health and wellbeing is driven by recognition that mental health and wellbeing are all important assists that enable people to achieve their full potential and cope with adversity and challenge, both individually and community levels.
Positive mental health is therefore something to everyone can aspire. Similarly people living with the effects of mental illness can also benefit from improved wellbeing, especially where it improves wellbeing is being pursed and sustained locally through collective effort. Mental health is inseparable linked with physical health and this vital resource for the long term social and economic prosperity of society.
There is clear evidence and convincing economic case for investment in public mental health. All stockholders should be supported its community to take part in activities that promote wellbeing, build social connections and improves psychological coping skills in promoting building community resilience and sustain wellbeing. Preventing mental illness prevents considerable physical and mental suffering and reduces inequalities.

Our vision, Aim, Strategic Priorities and objectives;

Our vision is for London Borough of Ealing’s residents is to

• Be mentally healthy, realise their abilities, be able to cope with normal stress of life, work productively and fruitfully and be able to make contribution to their communities.
• Have an equal chance of good mental wellbeing and access to services and resources that support mental wellbeing and promote recovery.

The Aims

The aim of “Health and Happiness for All” is to improve the mental wellbeing of all people of “London Borough of Ealing” as a state of an art from “London Borough of Ealing to London Borough of Healing”.
• Creating flourishing and connected communities through the promotion of wellbeing and resilience and the reduction of inequalities.
• Improving the quality and accessibility of services for people with poor mental health.
The main objective of the strategy reflects the “No health without mental health”.


• To increase the people with good mental health in Ealing.
• To increase the percentage of people good mental health who recover.
• To increase percentage of of people with mental health problems experiencing good physical
• To prevent extremism and to reduce mental health issues like stress, anger, depression, antisocial behaviour, street and drug crime, self harming and suicidal thought among the youth of the Borough through an active participation of the youth in some healthy, positive, constructive and creative activities.
• To enhance the proportion of people having a positive experience of care and support.
• To reduce the number of people suffering avoidable harm.
• To lower the proportion of people experiencing stigma and discrimination.
• To promote healthy eating and healthy living by establishing community kitchen where free healthy food will be served to the diverse communities in order to introduce health eating to reduce the epidemic of obesity which is the ultimate cause of lots of diseases including heart failure, stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol and premature death.